150x70x90mm Tunnel Mole Trap

Introducing the Cage Trap-Tunnel Mole Trap, the ultimate solution for effectively and humanely capturing moles in your yard or garden. This innovative trap is designed to be easy to set up and use, making it a must-have for anyone dealing with mole infestations. The Cage Trap-Tunnel Mole Trap features a simple yet effective design that allows you to easily set it up in mole runs. The trap is equipped with a setting arm and hook that can be easily depressed and swung into place, ensuring a secure and reliable setup. Additionally, the base of the trigger ring can be adjusted to engage with the setting arm, providing added stability and precision. Setting up the trap is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few simple steps. Once the trap is properly set up, it can be placed in the mole run, with the run guides seated at the bottom to ensure a secure fit. The trap is then covered to exclude all light, creating an enticing environment for moles to enter and be captured. Not only is the Cage Trap-Tunnel Mole Trap easy to set up and use, but it is also designed with the well-being of the captured moles in mind. The trap provides a humane and effective way to control mole populations without the use of harmful chemicals or inhumane methods. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to protect your lawn or a professional landscaper in need of a reliable mole control solution, the Cage Trap-Tunnel Mole Trap is the perfect choice. With its user-friendly design and humane capture capabilities, this trap is sure to become an essential tool in your pest control arsenal. Say goodbye to mole infestations and hello to a mole-free environment with the Cage Trap-Tunnel Mole Trap. Experience the convenience, effectiveness, and humane approach to mole control with this innovative trap.

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