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Welded Mesh Reinforcement ●Steel bar welded grating is well received and popularly used as a kind of new, efficient and excellent quality concrete structure steel material in various industries and civil buildings. It is mainly used in making floors. Ceilings wall body concrete road, bridge surface, airport tunnel lining concrete piping, etc ●Features: Steel bar grating costs less time and labor in work. It saves about 50 to 70 percent work time compared with common binding wire mesh using bar grating can also strengthen the concrete parts to reduce surface breaking ratio. ●Welded bar grating for reinforcement is especially suitable for big area concrete engineering, the mesh is very flat and neat compared with common binding, wire mesh, steel-degree, good elasticity, hard to break and deform easy to control the protection layer of concrete construction.welded bar reinforcement can improve the quality of concrete construction project Regular size 100x100mmx4mm in roll 200x200mmx6.3mm/7.0mm/8mm/10mm/12mm in sheets 100x200mmx6.3mm/7.0mm/8mm/10mm/12mm in sheets

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